Swimming school and club, learning diving
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Redesign of the site in order to attract interest to the school and the club.

Dive planet


We filled the website with beautiful photos to attract new students. Details were given about the types of diving, about the club, instructors, swimming pools, trips. For the convenience of club members, We placed on the home page a mini calendar was planned with upcoming club trips and partner’s trips.

We placed the course tree, which clearly shows the sequence of the courses, their content, and certificates, which can be obtained upon their completion. Also, we placed the description of each course and schedule of training. 

Unrealized ideas

It was also planned to make a convenient user’s personal section where he could observe his progress, choose the next course, sign up and pay for it. And also the instructor’s section with the statistics of attendance of the courses by students.

In general, the site became more attractive.
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