About me

Hi! My name is Natasha.
I’m a web-designer, but I want to become UX.
I also have a specialization in «Interaction Design (University of California San Diego)» at Coursera. My English improved after passing 7 courses of the specialization.
I am eager to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and get experience in this direction. So far, my work in the field of UX was limited by the creation of dynamic prototypes. But besides this, there are also heuristics, testing, statistics… A lot of interesting things.

I also have two diplomas of an engineer-programmer and a teacher-designer. I have big experience of working as a programmer, a 3D artist and a designer.

The set of my tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma. Sometimes I use Aksura, 3ds Max, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas.
Some knowledge and some skills: HTML, CSS, R, php, bitrix.
My hobbies: jazz dances, jogging, swimming, orienteering, travelling light.

I’ll think, recall something good about myself and write.

Call me:
8 921 880 54 11
or write