ui-uxCohort Builder

Clinical Cohort Builder is a powerful AI-enabled tool to help gain actionable, next to real-time insight from real world patient population data.

This project is also closely related to Abstraction Chart and Patient Summary. Data is collected using Chart Abstraction, and Patient Summary is used to view patients in a cohort. Initially, the intention was to separate the query builder from the results. But the decision was made to combine these screens so that you can use quick filters based on the result.

In the future, it is planned to again divide the constructor with the results on large amounts of data. This is due to the heavy load on the server. It is also planned to implement more complex logic in the Query Builder.

Cohort Builder’s user-friendly interface simplifies the workflow of creating complex queries with custom inclusion and exclusion criteria, no coding experience required. Powerful query builder facilitates creation of complex inclusion and exclusion criteria with intuitive auto-complete options.

Advanced indexing technology fuels high performance, leading to results in seconds even for complex queries. Instant data quality analysis includes quick access to observations, medications, procedures, and comorbidities distributions for the resulting cohort.

Importing criteria from clinical trials and building cohorts of potential participaints.

Clinical Cohort Builder allows to identify patient population trends, conduct retrospective studies, and collect various quality measures aligning with the Value Based Care goals.

A little svg-animation that I assembled in Spirit . This is my first and only experience.