ui-uxChart Abstraction

Chart Abstraction is an AI powered product that uses NLP and OCR technologies to automate the collection of valuable information from a patient’s medical record, reduce time/costs to structure data, and clean and standardize large datasets.

The product has gone through several updates in the design kit and the field of medicine

Our tools automate the integration, extraction, and structuring of clinical data, including text notes, genetic data, and imaging results, using expert-validated AI.

Chart Abstraction allows to extract and normalize patient data into digestible formats in minutes, using OCR and natural language processing technologies.

The extracted data can be checked manually. The most credible context has a brighter color.

All found contexts can be viewed 
in the patient’s documents.

After validation, clean data is used for insights and reporting/analytics.Transformed data is accessible through a FHIR-based model.