Sport nutrition PRIME KRAFT
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Prime Kraft Company started developing a new brand of sports nutrition in September 2015.
For me, this project began with the creation of a logo and the landing page mockup.


Other designers were joined to this project. The logo was slightly changed, packaging products was developed, but I worked only with the website and the design of social networks.


I also worked on the design of the exhibition stand and printed brochures.
It’s always interesting how your design will look printed. I was not at the exhibition. When photo album was posted, I greedily looked at each photo. “Where is my booth ?! Not bad. This is the most decent photo, with a picturesque man as a bonus.”

SN PRO 2016

The site was changing, at first it was a business card site, then an online store.

Online store mockup


Now the site is in a new design, which I have not developed. A sale of the nutrition is in large оnline stores. An active promotion of the brand is in social networks.
P.S. I have never tried this food, I prefer organic food.

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