ui-uxClinical Knowledge Library

Clinical Knowledge Library is a tool for managing Clinical Knowledge in the form of Workflows, Guidelines and Inference Rules . The Library can store knowledge in semi-structured (Workflows and Rules) and structured (Workflows, Rules and Mappings). The Library primary usage is the source of knowledge for an automated clinical decision support system.

The main knowledge unit in the Library is the workflow. Workflows are used for describing clinical ччactivity or a guideline as a sequence of steps. Each step contains procedures and inference rules (data elements).

Workflows typically define either a temporal diagram with steps representing the patient state at a given time or a decision tree with steps representing the patient cohort with specific conditions. Every rule consists of a number of terms combined by logic operators. Terms could be mapped to either terminology coded entity (for example SNOMED code) or to CQL code fragment.


  • Content-authoring tools that allow to author content in a simple and effective way
  • Multi-format database that stores knowledge in different formats
  • Plug-n-play API that allows integration of data library into any clinical system, like EMR, Order Entry, PACS, etc.
  • Integration with external knowledge sources, such as clinicaltrials.gov, myvariant.info, oncokb.orgy

I was the designer who continued the project after the main one left. At that time, the design guide was formed. My part is a graphical editor for building gadlines