Cereal bars with seeds, natural berries and pieces of fruit.

It was an interesting project to bring a new product to market. The Fortuche brand was a healthy food products – superfoods, dried fruits, nuts. The emphasis was on bars. The target audience is people who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, who are positive, easy-going and lead an active life in social networks.

To promote the product, a website was developed, profiles on social networks – instagram and vk – were actively developed. And also a photo contest with “Fortuche” bars was organized on Instagram. The prizes in the competition were bars, a bicycle and the main prize – a trip to Italy.

I didn’t design the brand and packaging. My role is prototyping and layout development, photo editing, post layouts. In addition, I took an active part in the photo competition, I did not win the main prize, but I inspired the participants with my photos.


To design a site in the style of flat lay. Pictures in this style are popular on social networks and carry a general idea, tell a little story. A set of icons was also developed to describe the useful properties of products.

Much attention was planned to be paid to the “Question and Answer” section and recipes for tasty and healthy food from the products offered.

Social networks

Active work was carried out in social networks, draws for reposting and small contests.

Instagram contest

It was an interesting experience. In addition to preparing the visual component, I took part in a competition to motivate group members